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    5.24 - 5.26

    Frankie Weekend!

  • Teachers 教师

    We have something to share!


    Swing Canton


    Swing Canton


    Swing Canton


    Swing Canton

    Thomas & Aurore

    Guest from Hong Kong

    Yancy & Jon

    Guest from Hong Kong


    Post Modern Jukebox

    Slow Bal

    Mickey and Kelly Slow Bal

    Killer Boogie

    RTSF 2018

    Collegiate Shag

    Hot Rhythm Holiday 2017

    Mama's Stew

    Mike Faltesek

    At The Classics Vintage Workshops 2012

    Savoy Walk

  • DJs


    Hong Kong/UK

    One of the top DJs in the world who has DJed many large events around the world including the biggest and longest running camp Herrang Dance Camp.


    Hong Kong

    One of Hong Kong's regular DJs. Thomas has also played music around the world including Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, and France. His style is of high quality and swinging music guaranteed to keep those triple steps a-stepping! As a dancer that is primarily inspired by the music, he knows what will keep people going on the floor and will definitely play some tunes that you’ve never heard before.


    Hong Kong

    Regular DJ & dancer based in Hong Kong with plenty of experience DJing both in Lindy and Blues, at local weekly dances and weekend events.


    Hong Kong

    "John (Wangki) started swing DJ-ing in the Midwest of the US. He is now DJ-ing regularly in social dances in Hong Kong, and has DJ-ing experience in swing events in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and even Herrang. As long as the music makes you dance, it is a success to him."



    After moving to China Misha became a resident DJ in his local scene in 2014. He likes to play classic swing music from 1930's big bands till early 40's as well as small combos and modern swing bands. The music we play should be groovy and make people wanna dance and explore themselves.

    Yulai (Head DJ)


    Yulai believes that classic Swing music is the soul of Swing dancing, while recognizing that variety ignites excitement in dancers. Thus, with his large collection and wide range of music, Yulai is inspired to play music that is playful and rare, and promotes creativity on the dance floor with his music selections. An experienced DJ both nationally and internationally, he has DJed for Herrang Dance Camp, Midwest Lindyfest, Swingtime Ball, Hong Kong Swing Festival etc as well as various dances around Washington D.C., the Midwest of U.S., and Guangzhou.

  • Workshops 课程

    What we like to share~

    Open Classes 体验课

    Free for all pass holders


    Friday 周五 9:00pm

    Mama's Stew

    by special guest teacher Thomas & Aurora (HK)

    No experience needed 无需搭档或经验


    Saturday 周六 9:00pm

    Collegiate Shag

    No partner or experience needed 无需搭档或经验


    Sunday 周日 8:30pm

    Savoy Walk

    by special guest teacher Yancy & Jon (HK)

    No partner or experience needed 无需搭档或经验

    Mama's Stew

    Free for all pass holders

    Guest instructor Thomas and Aurore from Hong Kong would like to share with us a classic solo routine Mama's Stew Friday before the dance. This is a solo choreography that was originally used by Whitey's Lindy Hoppers to warm up before practicing their routines. Named so as Mama Lu and The Parkets famously performed it together. This is a great choreo to learn both for use in practice and on the social dance floor. Especially when the DJ decides to put on a fast one at a dance, for example Friday night of CSF ;)


    周五晚舞会前,香港的嘉宾教师Thomas和Aurore想与大家分享一段经典单人编舞Mama's Stew。它原本是Whitey's Lindy Hoppers用来热身的单人编舞,后来由于Mama Lu and The Parkets的表演十分经典而被命名为Mama's Stew,这个编舞很适合用来练习或者在舞池上跳,特别是当DJ放快歌的时候, 比如CSF周五晚 ;)



    FULL or SAT pass holders only

    American Tap, with a free and relax style to express complex rhythm. A short routine will be taught in class to bring you all into the world of Tap with ease, then we all perform it on Saturday night!


    美式踢踏舞是现代舞蹈风格的一种,形成于在20世纪20年代的美国。它的形态轻松自由,追求节奏的复杂表达。“TAP IS NOT MAP”一直作为美式踢踏舞的真谛被发扬。课程中会通过一套小编舞带大家轻松走进Tap的世界,在周六晚的舞会上一起表演吧!

    Follow Styling

    FULL or SAT pass holders only

    This class aim to open our minds for self discovery, put simple rhythm and playful step into our dancing, and find joy in our Swingouts, with plenty of unique stylings!


    (This class will focus on followers, but also for all genders and dance roles. Having experience with Swingout is recommended)


    课程将带大家学习如何打开思路、自我探索,把简单的节奏和好玩的舞步融入到舞蹈中,在经典舞步Swing Out里探索无穷的乐趣,丰富你们的styling!不是只有女生才可以跳Follower这个舞蹈角色哦,欢迎所有舞者一起来!

    Killer Boogie

    FULL or SAT pass holders only

    Choreographed by famous dancer Marcus Koch, it's a fast and high energy Boogie solo routine that's very popular in Europe. No Boogie experience required, but some Solo Jazz experience preferred. We will also be performing it together on Saturday night!


    德国著名的Marcus Koch自编的,很刺激很快速的Boogie 单人编舞,在欧洲非常流行。无需Boogie经验,不过最好有一定的Solo Jazz经验。周六晚我们会一起表演!


    Slow Bal

    FULL pass holders only

    It can simply be dancing Balboa slowly, but what's more is how to make the slow movement flow smoothly in the slower tempo.


    (Regular Balboa basics will be covered briefly, but knowing in advanced as well as being comfortable dancing in close position will help you and your partner learn quicker and be more comfortable in class)






    Collegiate Shag

    Saturday open class free for all pass holders

    Sunday workshop for FULL pass holders only

    A high energy dance often to higher tempo of swing music, Collegiate Shag is characterized as being bouncy but still at the same time, with a focus on footwork, and play with poly-rhythms.


    (Shag basics will be covered in class, but consider attending the trail class on Saturday first to be more comfortable with the steps so we have more time to get into the more fun area)


    Collegiate Shag




    Fast Lindy

    FULL pass holders only

    How to dance to fast Swing Music? This class will help you to learn to better control your core and body in general, to be able to dance to fast tempo music with ease and enjoy the trill and joy within. Jump on board the fast train and prepare to sweat!


    (Experience with Swingout and Lindy Charleston are recommended)


    *参加课程的舞者需熟练Swing Out与Lindy Charleston。

    Savoy Walk

    Free for all pass holders

    Guest instructor Yancy and Jon from Hong Kong would like to share with us Savoy Walk, a dance done to slower jazz music in the Savoy Ballroom alongside many other dances such as Lindy Hop. In this class, you will learn its basic steps and some fancy moves.


    香港的嘉宾教师Yancy和Jon想与大家分享Savoy Walk,一种爵士双人慢舞,和很多Swing时期的其它舞种一样,在当时的Savoy舞厅盛行。你会在课上学到它的基本舞步以及一些华丽的动作。

  • Schedule 活动安排

    Fri & Sat parties goes late and straight into After Party hours.

    Sunday party 50 RMB (includes a drink), must be purchased at the door.


  • Activities 活动


    Saturday & Friday Night

    Plenty of guest performances, Mama's Stew line dance as well as a salute to Europe with Killer Boogie line dance session.


    (We are taking performance submissions, please email us at swingcanton@163.com before May 20th)

    Solo Battle Royale

    Friday Night

    100(ish) players (dancers) are dropped onto a battle ground (dance floor). Anything goes (Law-abiding), battle (dance) through whatever music that's been thrown at you and be the last man standing. (join in on the floor, no signup needed)

    Partnered Battle Royale

    Saturday Night

    50(ish) teams of 2 are dropped onto a battle ground (dance floor). Anything goes (Law-abiding), battle (dance) through whatever music that's been thrown at you and be the winner winner. (join in on the floor, no signup needed)

  • Theme 主题

    Party Theme 舞会着装主题

    Swing Bubbles


    Anything bubbly!

    Chew, chew, chew, chew, your bubble gum

    (That's a song lyric. For your health and safety,

    please don't actually chew gum while dancing)

    Summer Buzz


    Dress like summer!

    Be hot, not too hot, but hot enough.

    (also please stay hydrated)

  • Visiting Guangzhou

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    食住行小贴士Visitor Guide
    食住行小贴士Visitor Guide
    Chill Hea 广州
    Chill Hea 广州(Guangzhou)


  • Venue 场地

    Lesson and party location 课程舞会场地


    Art 289 Space Dance Studio 415

    415, Art 289 Space, 289 Guangzhou Middle Ave, Yuexiu Qu, Guangzhou

    (Sometimes Google Map can take you to a wrong address with this address, Please check the map below for reference of actual location)



    Direction 导航


    Line 5 WuyangCun Station, Exit C (700m)


    You may also directly copy and paste this Chinese address into Baidu Map or any other Chinese map apps for a more accurate map display.


    4th floor! Elevator and stairs on the right hand side of the courtyard




    Sunday Party location 周日舞会场地


    Brasston Bar

    50 RMB cover (includes a drink), must be purchased at the door.


    Shop D01, Nantian Square, Huacheng Dadao Nan, Zhujiang Xincheng, Tianhe District

    200 meters from Art 289 Space

  • Registration 报名

    Insert Duran Duran's "Success" right here

    because that's what this event was this year!!!

    Thank you all for coming and see you next year!!!

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